Stars Above by Marissa Meyer Review

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Stars above is a collection of stories set in the Lunar Chronicles world and featuring some of the Lunar Chronicles characters. As a whole I would give this book 5 stars and I see it as an essential part of the series as a whole and would recommend it to anyone who has finished Winter and is craving more Lunar Chronicles. However my opinions on the stories did vary so here is a broken down review.

The keeper (3/5):

This one centred around Michelle Benoit (Scarlet’s Grandmother) and gave some much needed background to how Cinder was cared for before she moved in with her adoptive family. While I didn’t love learning about Michelle’s past and the romantic aspect fell a bit flat for me, I did enjoy learning a little bit more about Scarlet’s relationship with her dad.

Glitches (4/5):

This story told us the tale of how Cinder met her adoptive family and became the Cinderella style character she is. I love Peony so it was really nice to see how she and Cinder’s relationship differed from Cinder’s relationship with Pearl.

The Queen’s army (5/5):

So long story short, I am a huge Wolf fan, he was in fact my favourite of all the guys in this series. Therefore I loved this one. This was all about how Wolf became part of Levana’s army and how he ended up becoming Alpha. While there was a lot of fight scenes (too many maybe) and I would have liked to see more conversations between him and his brother, I did enjoy the insight on exactly what Levana created and I liked seeing it from Wolf’s perspective.

Carswell’s guide to being lucky (4/5):

Another long story short: I am not the biggest Thorne fan (shock, horror) so I was actually pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this. It was a nice relief from all the seriousness of the other stories before it and I have to admit I did laugh once or twice. This one was centred around Thorne when he was younger and how he helped a girl called Kate Fallows. It was interesting to find out about his background even if he did annoy me a little at times.

After sunshine passes by (3/5):

This one is about how Cress ended up on the ship alone and why she ended up there. While it did drag a little, I did like Cress more afterward. When you see her as a child and see what her aims were, it’s more difficult to find her annoying.

The princess and the guard (5/5):

So I love, love, love Winter and Jacin (almost as much as I love Scarlet and Wolf) so I enjoyed this one very much. This was the backstory as to why Winter stopped using her gift. And it was actually quite thought provoking and approached the topic of freewill and freedom of choice in a really difficult scenario. We saw more of how Jacin and Winter’s relationship has changed over the years which is always good.

The little android (3/5):

This was a retelling of The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen but with an android rather than a mermaid. I actually didn’t like this one very much. It didn’t really have any relevant characters, instead it was trying to compare androids (with glitches that have effectively made them into artificial intelligence) with humans and it made me weirdly uncomfortable. In my opinion at least, this one didn’t really grasp what it is to be human, the transformation from android to ‘human’ was just a more realistic looking body. On top of all this, the main character had random violent thoughts and the crush she had was rather disturbing and I just found the whole thing kind of creepy.

The mechanic (4/5):

This was pretty much just Cinder and Kai being Cinder and Kai. It was their first meeting told from Kai’s perspective and while it was just a conversation, I really enjoyed it.

Something old, something new (5/5):

This was the ending to the Lunar Chronicles I had wanted at the end of Winter. It wasn’t dramatic, instead it was wonderfully mundane, just a long reunion and wedding scene. I had really wanted to see all the characters together again and where they are now and reading the interactions between them all was just perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better conclusion to the series.

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