X-men: Apocalypse review

X-men is quite possibly one of my favourite super hero franchises of all time. My brother and I watched the first 3 movies in a day on the sofa back in 2011. I definitely prefer the prequels to the sequels (which in no way means I didn’t like the main franchise, i just prefer the actors in the prequels).  Whilst this one didn’t quite live up to the other two, it was still a brilliant film. I am a huge fan of Lucas Till and he did not disappoint, nor did Evan Peters as we got to see a lot more of Quicksilver in this film than the previous one. My favourite scene in the entire film was probably one of the Quicksilver freezing time scenes because the comedic relief of it is always used at just the right time. They know that this scene in Days of future past was a loved one and I’m glad they didn’t try to overuse it as I do think the humour would be lost if they used it too often.

This whole film managed to carry a really nice nostalgic feel to it as we were introduced to a lot of the main franchise characters when they were younger like Scott and Jean. Sophie Turner was a great Jean in my opinion as she had just the right amount of nervousness and badassery; I really enjoyed her character progression. Tye Sheridan as Cyclops really grated on me though, it really didn’t sit well with me when (*mild spoiler*) he first meets Jean and can’t see her and therefore thinks she’s a creep and whatnot and then as soon as he can see her takes all this back because she’s pretty. Typical teenage boy I suppose but it still annoyed me. Despite the fact he’s introduced as this main character in this film he did feel a little like a spare part as he didn’t really help that much at any point and we didn’t really see that much character progression. Another character that annoyed me was Angel. Angel seemed to have so much potential, at the start he shows that he doesn’t really want to fight, he does it to stay alive and so on. Then this piece of information is pretty much forgotten as he joins the super-villains and never looks back. It made him feel really two dimensional and it was almost as if they had a plot for him and then dropped it halfway through.

Xavier, Mystique and Magneto were as wonderful as ever. I especially loved Magneto in this one, there was an amazing emotional scene and his character is by far the most layered and complex out of any of them. Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique was perfect as usual, seeing her starting to accept herself was really sweet.  We didn’t really get that much information on the Mystique, Beast, Magneto (kind of) triangle which hurt my fangirl heart a little bit. We did however get a lot of adorable Xavier and Magneto flashbacks so my fangirl side was pretty happy.

As for the plot of this one, I will admit it was a bit typical as we did have the usual (*mild spoiler*) ‘oh god some evil guy is coming to start the apocalypse but it’s okay because teamwork and loyalty will win in the end’. The villain could have done with a bit more to him but I do feel like this film was to bring back the characters rather than have some wonderful intricate plot. Sometimes the plot itself was a little confusing as there are some inception-like dream sequences that are never really explained. Magneto’s plot however was an emotional one, I would like to think I wasn’t the only one in the audience crying. His connection to Quicksilver was explored a lot more in this one and it was had just the right mixture of a heartwarming and funny spin on it. We also have the plot I have casually been avoiding which is the Xavier and Moira romance. I just don’t know how to feel about it, I mean it does pull a few heartstrings and made for a few cute awkward moments but it was kind of rushed nearer the end and she still strikes me as rather boring. But who knows maybe we’ll learn a little more about her in which ever film comes next.

Overall I would give this film a 4/5 stars. Yes, in places it was a hot mess but I love the characters and I was thoroughly entertained throughout. I left the cinema with a smile on my face, feeling like it was 2 and a half hours well spent and you can’t really ask for much more than that.