The pros and cons of bullet journaling

As any avid tumblr user will have seen (or been bombarded with) bullet journaling has become a thing. The idea of it being that you can change and organise your life by setting it out in an aesthetic, artsy, structured way because what is average teenage life if not incredibly aesthetic? And by aesthetic I mean revision in sweatpants and random, easily avoidable hormone fueled drama; this being what my bullet journal really reflected.

When I first began bullet journaling it was the beginning of a new school year, I had a new Saturday job and had just begun drinking coffee. I was practically an entirely new human. My bullet journal was filled with creative borders and drawings, even I was impressed. My goals were set out clearly, all in one place so I felt the need to complete them. Just a fun fact to illustrate the difference now: this is currently being written in the back of what was supposed to be my journal upside down and lopsided. My main problem with my bullet journal was that I simply couldn’t keep it up; I was busy, school soon started and my entries soon became an outlet for rants with some of my titles being named ‘a rant (again)’. I realise this makes me sound like a very angry person, but in all honestly I am the grumpiest person in the world on Mondays.


The diary was useful to write about cute days in, I liked laying out an event I went to in a creative way; I could get across my mood a lot by using the different colours and structures. Instead of writing down everything that happened and losing the important stuff in it, I only had space to write down the things that really mattered.  One of the best page ideas that I found was the brain dump, I used this one a lot. It is effectively a page to just write down everything you’re obsessively thinking about or trying to remember so that you can leave your mind clear before you go to bed. This is actually something that is recommended by doctors for some types of anxiety so it really was a helpful page. Some more difficult pages were ones that involved stats and logs like a place to write everything you ate or how many hours you slept, anything where you had to recall the exacts of that day. As someone who has an awful memory, this was really hard to keep up with.


Ultimately I think a bullet journal is an A+ idea for anyone who already has a vaguely organised, pretty life to make it even more pretty and organised. It is especially good for anyone who has some spare time in the evenings to decorate it because I think it really is the appearance of it that makes it so appealing. In months or weeks that are less stressful and more interesting, I will definitely be putting it in my bullet journal but for ones when I’m the embodiment of exam stress I think I’ll give it a miss.