Why me visiting a bookshop is basically the same as a kid in a candy store

I am a self-proclaimed lover of books and recently I have been wondering just why I love them so much. There is no shop that I love more than a book store; I go in and have to be dragged out with people having to stop and double check I haven’t run off again- I’m pretty much the two year old sister my best friend never had. I’m not quite sure why but seeing books makes me so excited and happy and being around other people who feel the same just makes me feel so at home. But ultimately it is just a few hundred pages filled with words so why is it I spend so much of my life looking at them, reading them, maybe even attempting to build a career around them?

Books have had a huge effect on my life; they have taught me a lot. They have opened my eyes to entirely new perspectives: they mean I can visit a different century, planet, and an entirely different lifestyle. I’m sure if I read the same genre by the same author from the same year, I wouldn’t think this and there are definitely books that don’t teach me as much but I can read a book and gain an understanding on something I knew nothing about like psychology books that explore introversion and mental illness. I finish them feeling like I’ve gained knowledge.

Books are educators, they preach acceptance and to me are the physicality of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. They build bridges between people, some of my strongest friendships have been built on a similar taste in books, I love talking about them and sharing them, comparing thoughts and seeing how the same book can take on a different meaning depending on the reader. They are such a personal form of education, I don’t think that there’s any format that you can see into someone’s brains and really understand an idea as much as you can through reading. Certain books can change a generation or flip a view on its head- books have made me more open-minded like The Outsiders by SE Hinton as before reading that I think I would have prejudged people more, now I think anti-heroes are important.

Books are relatable- I honestly think there is a book out there on every problem I’ve ever had or ever thought of. I’ve learnt things about myself through reading about these characters that I relate to and when I see them in an entirely different situation to my own, it inspires me to change. Seeing a character develop through the course of the story makes me want to develop as a person and makes me feel like I can too, there are countless books that have made me feel braver or made feel like I can do something: Evie from Am I normal yet? made me see that mental illness should be talked about, not made fun of and hidden, Frankie from The disreputable history made me realise that girls should not hide their intelligence to make boys like them, Blue from The raven cycle helped me understand that we can’t always follow the path that our parents want for us and that first impressions are often wrong. That is to name a few, there are countless books and characters that have given me infinite lessons that I use in my life.

A teacher told me the other day that books and other forms of printed word were a thing of the past- they are to be replaced with documentaries and films. Don’t get me wrong I do love films as well; I do however think that a world without books would be sad. Maybe it’s the hoarder in me but I love being able to archive things and being able to actually hold my thoughts and ideas or someone else’s in my hands.  So I suppose this post is me asking for books to stay circulating, for bookstores to remain open and for stories to continue to be shared through a few hundred pages and a few million pairs of eyes.


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