Imperfect Vessels- a poem

Vulgar, irrelevant, abrasive, emotional, hysterical, irrational, dramatic, oversensitive, you chant,

If that is what it is to be unapologetically me, to be a confident woman who speaks out,

I will take them gladly, and then I will burn them to the ground to mingle with the dust,

For I am a growing fire in a flameproof being and that is what this vessel is for,

This external self is to carry around the thoughts that swim out through my mouth,

You see a beautiful vessel that carried nothing of value would not be beautiful at all,

Maybe my outer self is bruised, mountainous, tired and peculiar,

Undesirable, frumpy, unfeminine, repulsive, unappealing, repelling, grotesque, you chant,

But what do you expect when it’s carrying a heavy burden, when it’s full of such wonders,

Because you think you’re words hit so hard, that they have the power to rip open my seams,

What if I told you they didn’t hit at all, that they were so far away they swung back toward yourself,

It is only your soul that blackens when you spit out those words, it is your value that is lost,

So shout from the highest point, scream until your lungs collapse that my vessel isn’t perfect,

And watch yourself crumble into blackened ashes as you are lost to the wind.

– 08/3/17- @daydreamsandcinemascreens

Happy international women’s day all!