Mental health as the weather in your head

Someone told me once that mental health is effectively like the weather in your head. Some days you wake up and it just happens to be sunny up there; you’re all smiles and rainbows and it’s wonderful. But some days you wake up and it happens to be cold and rainy in your head. It can feel pointless to get up, like the day is wasted. And there isn’t a reason it’s rainy up there and there isn’t a reason why it’s rainy in the literal sky either (well obviously the water cycle is involved but just go with it for the extended metaphor). So when someone asks what’s up or what’s making you sad, it is sometimes without reason and is as disconnected and random as the weather; you can’t explain it, it just happens to be miserable weather in your mind that day and that’s okay. Some days sudden thunder storms can hit without warning and tear through your thoughts like a hurricane despite it having been sunny all week.

Anyway, my point is that you wouldn’t shout at the sky for raining and you wouldn’t search for something to blame for a thunderstorm.  So no matter how inconvenient, you shouldn’t hate your brain for being a little cloudy and no one else should blame you either. The weather cannot be helped, in your mind or outside the window.


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