Caring a little more about self care

So, firstly here’s some context for this post (I like to begin all of my posts with a good old bit of unnecessary oversharing). As of late, I’ve been going through some low moods, courtesy of school starting, tiredness and just general annoying hormones. I was confiding in one of my friends about this (I’m a big advocate of talking through how you’re feeling) and she asked me if I had been doing any self care. Now, I had seen these self care related posts on youtube and tumblr etc… but I always pretty much scrolled past them. However, I’m now beginning to realise how important they really are so here are some self care tips. Some are more basic things for when you’re feeling extremely unmotivated and others are a bit more complex for when it’s just been a rough day.

  1. Drink hot drinks- there’s something incredibly comforting about sitting on the sofa or in bed or wherever with your hands wrapped round a warm mug of some hot beverage. The friend I was talking to really loves herbal teas to help relax her; I like to drink hot chocolates when I’m sad because they feel really nostalgic.
  2. Turn off your phone or log out of pressuring apps- I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, phones can actually be the worst. I’m a hypocrite because you’d be hard pressed to find someone on their phone as much as me but it can be a real problem at times. Sometimes the last thing you want to see is a snapchat from the person you want to talk to least or an instagram from a party you weren’t invited to. However, the dilemma is that your phone is also a great way of accessing a friend to rant to so I recommend turning off your wifi but leaving on your phone signal so you can text or ring the exact person you want to talk to without all the interruptions.
  3. Read a good book or watch a good film- Sometimes the perfect way to get a break from your own problems is to immerse yourself in some really intense fictional ones instead. You could watch a feel good film that you’ve seen many times before; my bad day film of choice is 10 things I hate about you. From personal experience, I wouldn’t recommend delving into the dark side of tumblr as it can have some poetry and quotes that just spiral you deeper into your sad mood. The same goes for those really aesthetic black matte poetry books you can get; I own many of these, they’re often really good reads but they aren’t the kind of books that put you in a good mood.
  4. Stay hydrated- Again, huge hypocrite over here. A lot of the time I forget that I haven’t drank any water, but being hydrated can help you feel less groggy and dehydration is often the cause of headaches. Personally, I need motivation to drink water as I have been known to say in the past that I actually dislike the taste of water (I’m a little bizarre). So, I have this jar with a straw that I probably picked up in some paperchase sale but to me it looks really cute so I notice it.
  5. Jumpers and general cosy clothing- When I get in a rough day of school, aka every day of school, I change straight into a sweatshirt and some flowy trousers. Getting your hair out of your face doesn’t hurt either. Another example of me being a bizarre and ridiculous human: I need glasses but don’t wear them because they annoy me in the day. If I’m feeling bad, I think may as well give myself the gift of good vision rather than constant squinting so put on your glasses if you need them too.
  6. Do your skin routine- A lot of the time when I’m feeling down, I’m also feeling pretty negative about myself and for me, my skin is a big insecurity. So if I have one, I’ll put on a facemask and have a lie down. I like to have a fairly long but not too chemical heavy skincare routine. Not only can it make you feel like you’re doing something positive as a result of your negative thoughts but also a lot of ingredients in skin care i.e tea tree can be very soothing and cooling for your skin.
  7. Look at the stars- Okay so this is the only kind of cringey one on the list (let me have one to make me happy). Because my mum is strange like me, sometimes when it’s around 11 at night we’ll go and sit on the swing in my garden in our biggest coats and watch the stars. The night sky is a very pretty thing and it’s a calming constant thing too. Sometimes I’ll talk through my problems but it’s okay to sit in silence if you’re not really feeling like talking.

All in all, sometimes days are just a series of annoying, awkward situations, sometimes people are sucky and other times our brains are just not cooperating. Whatever the case, it’s really important to make sure you’re healthy and to try to give yourself the best chance at being happy. Mental health and self care has become a big topic in my life recently so I’m going to try and contribute some help for others but I’m very far from an expert on the topic so any extra advice or helpful corrections would be appreciated.


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